Business Management

Small and medium sized businesses need a particular type of support. Many are owner managed. The pressures on business owners has never been greater.

A familiar situation?

The economic climate is tough; government red tape is a problem; bank funding has become difficult to obtain.

Many business owners are entrepreneurs rather than leaders or managers and have learned that the demands of running a business can be enormous.

It is not unusual for these demands to take business managers way out of their comfort zones. Why is this?

As a starter, most businesses do not have a clear plan, and in fact do not know how to plan.

Business owners have be hands on, but this can go too far. Perhaps they neither have leadership skills themselves nor recruit capable managers and staff to whom they can delegate. The situation worsens, the owner / manager gets bogged down with mundain tasks, often firefighting problems. A reactive style develops as time is spent dealing with crises. The big picture view is lost, and there is no capacity to deal with primary roles of the owner - developing, winning and leading the business. The level of fun drops and so it goes on.

Another issue is execution / delivery of strategies. In the stressful environment described above projects and tasks either fail, take far too long or are not executed at all.

I offer a type of support which can add enormous value to business owners and managers, helping them to deal with the issues referred to above. I call this business management but other names may be more appropriate “trusted adviser”, “sounding board” or “business friend”. If I work with you I am available to share your burden, helping you with decision making and / or management, enable you to free up your time to concentrate on those parts of the business you are best at. I am uniquely placed to help because I developed and my skills through professional training in blue chip environments. This means that I know how to do things properly. But I have also spent many years in the small business arena - either running them or advising CEO's and really understand the challenges business leaders are facing today. I only support two or three companies at any one time and tend to develop long term relationships and assignments.

SIf you need help I am just a phone call away. A discussion will cost nothing, and we will both get something from it even if we decide not to work together.

Business or problem solving diagnostic

Suitable for CEOs, Directors, owner / managers of small and medium sized businesses.

The business environment is tough. We are in the midst of a vicious recession and the challenges facing small and medium sized businesses have never been greater. Many leaders, owners and managers are facing issues they may have the experience to deal with. Whether you have just started in business, have a few worries or are facing major challenges, you would welcome friendly advice from an experienced professional.

I offer a one day diagnostic session at which we can address the issues affecting your business, reviewing symptoms, identifying causes and assessing solutions. I can draw on many years experience of bringing practical solutions to business problems in challenging environments. The session will be tailored to you based on a short questionnaire I would ask you to complete in advance.

o You will take away an action plan prepared on the day enabling you to start dealing with the most significant business issues immediately.
o A short but focused independent assessment of the challenges you currently face. The agenda is likely to be drawn from the following issues, common to many small and medium sized businesses
o Strategic planning
o Executing the business plan
o Organisation and people
o Financial matters (profitability, cash flow, credit, access to funds, cost control)
o Surviving the recession

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